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Bringing visions and ideas from the mind,

onto the screen.

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Who I Am


Hi! My Name is George Skinner, a 24 year old Freelance Film and Video Editor, Website Developer and Graphic Designer.

I have always been fascinated in the world of film making since I was around 5 years old, where I first saw my Grandfather operating his camera. At that point I was always interested in filming, rather than what was being filmed itself.

As I turned 10, I soon discovered the power of editing software, and begun editing family orientated films and our 'Dog Olympics!', giving me my first experience in producing my own films!

As my passion grew for film, I soon also developed interests in Website Design, where at 11 I created a site dedicated to my ship/house at Primary School. This later inspired a future system which my teacher developed.

During Secondary School I developed interests in the News and making visual designs based on my sporting interests. This was a factor in being selected to report for my school's special edition insert for the local Gazette about the school's racing team.


Having passed both Media Studies and I.C.T at GCSE Level, and studied them both at A-Levels for a year, I achieved 2 Distinctions in my College Media Diploma course, and then a First Class Bachelors Degree at University when I took a Digital Film Production Course.

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What I Do

10 Years Experience

10 Years Experience

I have developed a versatile experience of the Adobe Suite over the past decade, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition and Media Encoder.

10 Different Services

10 Different Services

I specialise in 10 Services and 40 Sub-Services, ranging from; Editing, Website Development, VFX, Graphics & Posters, AI Comics and Restorations.  

8 Different Softwares

8 Different Softwares

I have used multiple types of software that have helped bring Visions from the mind and onto the screen. These include; Editing, VFX, Photo, Website and Documentation.

2 Award Nominations

2 Awards Nominations

In recent years, Two of my films have since become nominations in local Film Festivals. 

- Best Short Film

- Best Documentary

No.1 Ranked Websites

No. 1 Ranked Websites

Sites that I have designed and continue to develop, currently are Ranked 1st on different Search Engines for their Services in their location.

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What I've Done

Over the past 10 Years I have successfully co-ordinated and led small to mid-scale production teams, have partnered with successful sports figures creating content for their multi-million pound businesses, as well as collaborated with influential people in their fields on projects related to the current world and sport issues.​


I created my own Sports Debate Programme called 'Onside'. Here I directed a mid-scale production team, as well produced and edited the programme. I also utilised the limitless potential of a Virtual Production, such as displaying fluid graphics and tracking footage onto screens. I had also hired BBC TV Presenter and Actor Marcus Ramtohul as the host, and had Former Olympic WTA Tennis Coach Nino Severino as one of the guests.

I later developed a Virtual Production Interview for Severino's 'Sports Skills 4 Business' Education Programme, where I directed and produced the shoot, and oversaw the entire Post-Production process.

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I also managed to interview Severino for my award-nominated Sports Docu-Series 'Advantage, Coronavirus', a docu-series that explores how the Coronavirus Pandemic had affected different sports with Tennis the main feature in the concluding two. Throughout the docu-series, like Severino, I also interviewed Former Strategist Coach to Novak Djokovic Craig O'Shannessy and Tennis TV Commentator Nick Lester.

One of my most proudest moments so far was when I interviewed Nick Lester, one of the main Tennis TV commentators on the circuit, for my docu-episodes Advantage, Coronavirus - Second Serve' and 'Advantage, Coronavirus - Breaking Point', the second the news broke about Novak Djokovic being deported from Australia due to his vaccination status, which occurred halfway during our interview.


Here I was the first person that managed to capture the raw feelings and opinion of the one of the main English speaking Tennis commentators in the world, regarding one of the most talked about and controversial headlines in the sport's history. I also spoke to a passionate Australian in O'Shannessy via a Zoom Interview, who was in the World's Most Locked Down City in Melbourne, where he was on site at the Australian Open.

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Parallel to Editing, I've always been fascinated in the world of Website Design. For years I've built the base of my craft using Wix, where I've been able to learn the system and develop an advanced understanding of its features, tools, SEO capabilities and overall workflow.

Utilising the very best of my knowledge and experience, I've built websites for clients that showcase exactly who they are, whilst establishing their online presence and creating a connection to their potential customers, abled them to provide unique pages for each of their services, showcase their portfolios and past work, and be able to generate leads and clients directly from their website.

With my SEO Training, I've developed multiple sites to the point where they rank 1st for their category that are based in their location. To further increase their online presence, and to strengthen their stay at the top of search results, I've also produced clients their own unique Social Media Content, with a range of Website Promos and Service Posts, with backlinks taking them back to the website.

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Currently, I've been overseeing my latest Short Film as a Freelancer, called 'Spread Your Wings'. Starring Marcus Ramtohul, it's a film where a lone figure called Victor Mulele comes across a washed up bottle on a beach, with a strikingly rare blue potion trapped inside. With his curiosity succeeding in his thoughts, Mulele opens the bottle. Sensing it's opportunity, the potion strikes! Leaving it's host, a passenger in his own body.

During the entire process of developing the film, I've wanted to undertake a variety of key roles so that I can expose where my strengths and weaknesses lay. I had written the script, recruited and assembled a mid-scale production team of local filmmakers, been hands on in the construction of the Green Screen Flying setup as well as filmed, edited and producing the VFX myself.

Spread your Wings is more than a film name, it's a message I try to live by, to step out of my comfort zone, learn about myself and understand different roles and areas I don't specialise in, so that I can develop myself into a more efficient filmmaker.

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I've always been a firm believer of the integration of Visual Effects and Graphics into productions due to its capability to enhance visual storytelling. This is especially because audiences are wired to support ideas when they see something, rather that only hearing about it. Both tools also increases production value, further establishes a production's branding, and opens them to a limitless potential.


After developing my knowledge and craft from fields like Editing to Websites, VFX to Graphics as well as Promos and Social Media Content, I've been able to rely on different skillsets learned in different fields in order to better my work in a variety of different areas, enabling me to incorporate a lot of work more seamlessly and efficiently together.

To this day, I am always open to new and innovative methods or styles, like Virtual Production, responsible AI Work and trending editing styles, in order to create, produce and edit productions so that they can be delivered in the way it needs to, rather than how I want it to.

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Over the past decade, I have learned, developed and based my work using a array of different Video Editing as well as Visual and Sound software. My skillset has been shaped by a continuous process of exploration, experimentation, and adaptation with software, allowing me to approach all of my projects with versatility, as we bring your vision to life.
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 I have seamlessly integrated licensed multi-media elements for a wide range of Assets Libraries over the years, whether it's sourcing breathtaking footage, immersive soundscapes, dynamic VFX or Virtual Productions. These libraries have been invaluable tools for me as they enhance storytelling, captivating audiences, and helping in bringing your idea from your mind and onto the screen.
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