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Spread your Wings


Editing - VFX - Opening and End Sequences


Film Editing - Creating VFX - Opening Sequence - End Sequence

Supporting Services:

Short Film



Spread your Wings is the first short-film I have made as a freelancer. Starring Marcus Ramtohul, it's a film where a lone figure called Victor Mulele comes across a washed up bottle on a beach, with a strikingly rare blue potion trapped inside. With his curiosity succeeding in his thoughts, Mulele opens the bottle. Sensing it's opportunity, the potion strikes! Leaving it's host, a passenger in his own body.

During the entire process of developing the film, I've wanted to undertake a variety of key roles so that I can expose where my strengths and weaknesses lay. I had written the script, recruited and assembled a mid-scale production team of local filmmakers, been hands on in the construction of the Green Screen Flying setup as well as filmed, edited and producing the VFX myself.

Spread your Wings is more than a film name, it's been a message I try to live by. To step out of my comfort zone, learn about myself and understand different roles and areas I don't specialise in, so that I can develop myself into a more efficient filmmaker.

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