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Advantage, Coronavirus Breaking Point


Editing, Graphics, Titles and End Credits


Documentary Editing, Creating VFX, Creating Graphics, Title Sequence, End Credits

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Mini Docu-Series



Advantage, Coronavirus - Breaking Point is a sports documentary that explores one of Tennis' most controversial sagas, the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia before the Australian Open in 2022.

Coming into the most locked down city in the world, which also required arrivals to be full-vaccinated, then-World No.1 and reigning champion Djokovic arrived unvaccinated and was later sent to detention and then deported. This docu-episode explores the deportation saga in its entirety, as well as providing a in-depth look at Djokovic's vaccination stance, and raw thoughts from some of Tennis' most respected people.

Australian and Former Strategist Coach to Novak Djokovic Craig O'Shannessy provides a passionate defence for Australia, and relays us his personal relationship with Djokovic so we can understand Djokovic's mindset. Tennis Commentator Nick Lester presents a defence for the deportation and explains why Djokovic shouldn't be allowed in because of his status, and Nino Severino compares Djokovic to other high-profile people who set an example during the COVID era.

One of my most proudest moments was when I interviewed Nick Lester the second the news broke about Djokovic being deported from Australia due to his vaccination status, which occurred halfway during our interview for 'Second Serve'.

Here I was the first person that managed to capture the raw feelings and opinion of the one of the main English speaking Tennis commentators in the world, regarding one of the most talked about and controversial headlines in the sport's history. I also spoke to a passionate Australian in O'Shannessy via a Zoom Interview, who was in the World's Most Locked Down City in Melbourne, where he was on site at the Australian Open.

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