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More than just cutting...

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Service Pricing

Bring your vision to life in post, from short-form content like promos and vlogs, to long-form content like films and documentaries.

Short-Form Content

Short-Form Content

An increasingly popular type of content that entices and engages your audience from start to finish.

Long-Form Content

Long-Form Content

Leave a lasting impression with engaging Long-Form Content that's loaded with value for your audience.

Documentary Editing

Documentary Editing

Bringing captivating stories with important subjects to life whilst raising awareness to a wide audience.

Film Editing

Film Editing

Cover any if not all areas of Editing, from Picture, Colour and Sound for both short and feature-length films.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

Short-Form Content

Sway your Audience your way

Short-Form Content are concise, snappy, and direct. Generally lasting between 30-60 seconds, they help lower the consumer’s commitment level which encourages them to watch till the end.

Short-Form Content can lead to improving your engagement metrics, like bounce rate. As technology and online platforms continue to evolve, short-form content remains a significant and dynamic part of the digital content landscape.

Need your Short-Form Content edited?

Implementing Short-Form Content into your strategy can offer several benefits, depending on your goals, target audience, and the nature of your business. Such advantages include; increased engagement, better reach and visibility, user interaction and participation, brand personality and storytelling, adaptation to mobile consumption, as well as quick conveyance of messaging and cost-effective marketing.

Whether it be a Vlog, Trailer, Music Video or Showreel etc, You’ll get a slick and engaging short-form video that entices your audience from start to finish no matter what platform its on, in up to 4K Resolution.

Long-Form Content

Keep your Audience engaged

Long-Form Content offers people the chance to tell a in-depth story with content that’s tactically placed and loaded with value, which allows them to connect with their audience even closer. You’ll be able to share loads of information, ensuring they remember and value your work.

Long-Form Content has the potential to captivate audiences for an extended period, fostering deeper engagement. This can lead to more meaningful connections with the audience and an increased likelihood of social sharing.

Have content you want edited this way?

Edited in up to 4K Resolution, You’ll get a incredibly powerful tool that’s captivating from start to finish, has with a clear narrative arc and plenty of visual interest that’ll leave your viewers wanting to learn even more from you.

Documentary Editing

Editing your story together

A Documentary is essentially a story, and editing is a crucial tool for telling that story effectively. Documentaries have gained in popularity in recent years, especially with the rise of ‘Docuseries’ – a shorter form of the format.

Editors are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the documentary. They organize footage, interviews, and other elements to create a logical and compelling progression of events or ideas.

A Documentary Editor also understands the expectations of the target audience and tailors the editing style to align with those expectations. This ensures that the documentary resonates with the intended viewers.

Need your Documentary edited?

We’ll edit using the three-act structure, and exploit a documentaries’ ability of compelling visual storytelling by using a wide range of conventions.

These include the use of interviews, archive footage, B-Roll, VFX and Graphics. Documentaries use these aspects so that we can inform and educate your audience about the world around them.

Film Editing

There is no Film without Editing

Film Editing is the art and craft of cutting and assembling a finished film. The process of editing not only determines the pacing, tone, and structure but also highlights the most pivotal moments, ensuring they resonate with the audience.

Need your film edited?

Whether it be a short film or feature length, lets work together in the creative process and shape your film's narrative, whilst creating an emotional impact and visual style that will enhance the overall storytelling and quality of the film, that will help to bring your vision to life.

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Optimal Framing & Format

The Editing service offers a tailored approach to content creation and post-production, ensuring a seamless and visually stunning final product. Films and Content will be edited to a specific aspect ratio, ensuring that your content is optimised for the desired platform and audience. Picture Editing will also be executed with a meticulous attention to detail, enhancing the visual impact of your project.

If requiring assistance in all aspects of Post-Production, then the involvement of Sound Design will help bring an immersive audio experience to your production, capturing the essence of your message. Colour Grading techniques elevate the overall aesthetic, creating a cohesive and captivating visual narrative. Lastly, the Final Mixing phase integrates seamlessly balanced audio elements for a polished and professional finish.

With a commitment to excellence, your project can be delivered in up to 4K Resolution, guaranteeing a high-quality viewing experience that meets the standards of today's visual landscape. From start to finish, this service is designed to elevate your production or content, ensuring it stands out in the digital realm.


What aspect ratio should I have my film edited to?

There are several industry-standard aspect ratios used in filmmaking, and the choice often depends on the filmmaker's artistic vision, the type of project, and the distribution platform. Here are some common aspect ratios used in professional filmmaking;

1.85:1 (Flat): This is a standard widescreen aspect ratio commonly used in many feature films. It provides a wide cinematic look while still allowing for comfortable viewing in various settings.

2.39:1 (Cinemascope or Anamorphic): Widely used for epic and visually stunning films, this ultra-wide aspect ratio is achieved using anamorphic lenses or cropping in post-production. It offers a grand cinematic experience.

16:9 (1.78.1): Commonly known as widescreen or HDTV, this aspect ratio is widely used for television, online streaming, and some independent films. It has become a standard for digital content due to its compatibility with various devices.

Can I leave certain things to be later added in Post-Production?

The key is to strike a balance based on the specific requirements of the project, the available budget, and the creative vision. Careful pre-production planning and communication between the production and post-production teams are essential to ensure a smooth workflow and the successful integration of practical and post-production elements.

Filmed practically, will offer you realism and authenticity, as well as cost efficiency, time saving and actor interaction. Whereas produced digitally enables flexibility and creativity, as well as more enhancement and correction, and for some effects, cheaper than if it was shot practically.

Ultimately, the decision should align with the overall goals of the project and contribute to the best possible end result while considering logistical constraints and resource availability.

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