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Advantage, Coronavirus Second Serve


Editing, Graphics, Titles and End Credits


Documentary Editing, Creating VFX, Creating Graphics, Title Sequence, End Credits

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Mini Docu-Series



Advantage, Coronavirus - Second Serve is the sequel mini-docu-episode to Advantage, Coronavirus in my sports documentary series. The docu-episode goes into more depth as to how the coronavirus pandemic had affected the world of tennis, and how the tours had learned lessons and implemented changes during and after their shutdowns.

We also learn of the experiences and perspectives of some of the sport's key and influential figures like Former Strategist Coach for Novak Djokovic and Brain Game Tennis Founder Craig O'Shannessy, who couldn't communicate with his pro players due to COVID-Restrictions, how no Tennis tournaments meant Tennis TV Commentator Nick Lester couldn't work or earn a living, and how Former WTA Olympic Coach and Chairman of The Elena Baltacha Foundation Nino Severino was forced to stop his business and foundation events.

The docu-episode is split up into sections which helps to highlight all the key stages that the COVID-19 had affected the sport. It comprises of 'Surviving Lockdown' - which explores the initial impact and effect on the sport, 'Back on Tour' - which delves into how everyone got back to the new normal, 'Trials & Tribulations' - how the sport combated dealing with the coronavirus as the tours resumed, and the 'Australian Open' - how the sport is preparing for the first Grand Slam in 2022.

- Halfway through my interview with Nick Lester, news broke around the world that then-World No.1 Novak Djokovic had received a controversial Medical Exemption to enter Melbourne, the most locked down city in the world, in order to play the Australian Open. With Djokovic one of the highest profile anti-vax figures in the world, this news was met with raw emotion, including from Lester, as well as a passionate Australian in O'Shannessy, and a covid-business affected Tennis Chairman in Severino.

For more on their instant raw views on the sports most controversial headline in the modern era, feel free to watch the final instalment of the trilogy - Advantage, Coronavirus - Breaking Point.

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