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Onside Sports Debate Programme


Editing, Virtual Production, VFX and Graphics, Titles and End Credits


Long-Form Content, Virtual Programming, Creating Graphics, Title Sequence

Supporting Services:

Online Programme



Onside is a Online Sports Debate Programme hosted by BBC Presenter, Actor and Musician Marcus Ramtohul, where two panellists Former Olympic WTA Tennis Coach Nino Severino goes up against Life-Long Chelsea FC Fan Reg Thompson in a series of sporting debates. The winner is the person who is able to persuade Ramtohul 'Onside' in the most debates.

They each debated who really runs football after the European Super League controversy, is it car or driver after Sir Lewis Hamilton won his 6th F1 World Championship in 7 years at Mercedes in 2020, can Tiger Woods win again in Golf and surpass Jack Nicklaus' Major Record, and in a era of statistically the three most successful Tennis Players in Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, who is the Greatest of All-Time?

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