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Enthral your Audience

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Get all your audience enthused into your content with a Title Sequence, or show who's responsible, with a End Credits Sequence.

Title Card

Title Card

Recommended showing at end of Title Sequence and as 'breathers' between scenes and sections.

Title Sequence

Title Sequence

Enticing your audience into your film, documentary and video content with a engaging title sequence.

End Credits

End Credits

Draw the curtains on your production with a Credit Sequence showcasing those responsible.

Sequence Project Bundle

Sequence Project Bundle

Brand your film, programming, or together with both a Title and End Credit sequence.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

Title Card

Controlling the Pace of your Production

A Title Card in a production is a piece of text or graphic used to convey information to the audience. Title Cards are used at the beginning to introduce the audience to the project and set the tone, as well as throughout the production to provide context or information, such as dates, locations or chapter headings.

They are an essential part of the visual storytelling process and play a significant role in setting the mood and conveying information to the audience.

Want a Title Card for your Production?

You can get a simple and straightforward design, or ones that are creatively designed in order to match the overall aesthetic of the production.

The inclusion of Title Cards will allow your audience to digest all the information from a sequence, as they are slowly introduced to the next, and not be left overwhelmed.

Title Sequence

First Impressions Last

Title Sequences are the entire visual sequence shown at the beginning of a Film or TV production. This dynamic sequence includes a wide depth of creative elements which include aspects from visuals and music, as well as text and animation, and more.

Titles Sequences are specifically edited to set the mood, tone, and style of the production. It may not only introduce the title but also help in establishing the overall atmosphere of the content.

These Sequences are focused on engaging the audience and are a crucial part of a production's artistic and storytelling experience.

Get your audience enthused and excited for your production by having a Title Sequence yourself.

As with everything, First Impressions Last. In order to pique the audience’s interest, we’ll show a glimpse of the world or story you’ve created, introduce key important characters of the production, whilst conveying essential information that’s necessary for understanding the narrative.

We’ll also tease the audience by leaving hints related to the central plot, which will encourage the audience to speculate about what might happen next.

End Credits

Leave a Lasting Impression

An End Credits Sequence in a Film or TV production refers to the sequence that is shown at the conclusion of the production, typically after the main story or narrative has been shown and resolved.

The specific content and style of an End Credits can vary greatly depending on the nature and goals of the production. It's an important part of the storytelling process, providing closure, acknowledging the creators, and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Give your audience closure, with your own End Credits.

Not only will we recognise those who worked on the production, we’ll use the End Credits so that we can evoke specific emotions from the audience.

We’ll do this by reinforcing the productions theme, providing twists and revelation as well as eliciting particular moods or feelings, dependent on the genre of the production.

All of this will help us to leave a lasting impact on the audience, as it’ll give them time to reflect and contemplate the story they’ve just experienced, and its impact on them.

Sequence Project Bundle

Establish your Production's Identity

Having a combination of both sequences with the same style, help create a distinct identity for the production, making it memorable and recognizable to the audience.

Well-Crafted sequences and Title Cards demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail.

Title Cards in both sequences can also help establish a brand identity for a TV production, making it easily recognizable to viewers.

Want to establish your identity throughout your production?

Then a Sequence Bundle is exactly what you need. Used together, In the Title Sequence we can establish the mood and tone of the production, allowing viewers to get into the right frame of mind.

In the Title Cards we can reinforce the tone and theme, whilst controlling the pace of the production, allowing the audience time to digest the information.

Lastly with the End Credits, we'll provide closure for the audience as we maintain the overall theme of the production, concluding on points and revelations that’ll leave a lasting impact.

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Optimal Format

Immerse your audience in a captivating cinematic experience with a specialised Titles and End Credits service. Have each sequence tailored to a specific aspect ratio, ensuring a visually striking introduction and conclusion to your content. Whether it's a composed, licensed, or custom piece of music, my expertise lies in synchronizing the audio to evoke the desired emotional response. Adhering to industry standards, credits will be meticulously arranged in a professional and easily digestible order.

Having a Sequence Series introduces a dynamic element, allowing for unique features tailored to different episodes, maintaining consistency while adding a touch of individuality. Complementing the Titles and End Credits, you can seamlessly integrate this with the Editing, Social Media Content, and Virtual Production services, providing a holistic and synchronized approach to your creative vision.

The results of your work can be delivered in up to 4K Resolution, ensuring your content not only engages but astounds on every visual front.


Do I have to include Title Cards in my production?

The inclusion of Title Cards in your production is not mandatory, and the decision to include them depends on various factors such as the style of your production, the content, and your creative preferences. Some productions may choose to skip them altogether, as some creators prefer a seamless and uninterrupted flow, opting for minimalistic or integrated title designs within the production itself. Title Cards can serve different purposes, and whether or not to use them is a subjective choice.

Ultimately, consider the nature of your production, the expectations of your audience, and the overall style you want to achieve. Whether or not to include Title Cards is a creative choice that should align with the goals and aesthetics of your specific project.

How important is music to a Titles or End Credits Sequence?

The importance of music in the Titles or End Credits of a production cannot be overstated. Music plays a significant role in setting the tone, creating emotional impact, and enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Here are some key reasons why music is crucial in both Titles and End Credits Sequences; establishing tone and atmosphere, capturing attention, enhancing branding and identity, building emotional connection, creating a memorable experience, smooth transitions, highlighting key moments, setting the pace, adding production value and providing closure.

Ultimately, the choice of music should align with the goals, genre, and overall theme of your production. Consider the emotional impact you want to achieve and how the music can enhance the storytelling and visual elements in your Titles and End Credits.

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