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Bringing Visions to Life

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Add that extra depth into your films and content, and enhance your visual storytelling with Visual Effects and Graphics.

VFX Design

VFX Design

Make the impossible possible with dynamic Visual Effects for films and informative graphics.

VFX Editing

VFX Editing

Have your Visual Effects edited, tracked and adjusted onto your film timeline in Post-Production.

Creating Graphics

Creating Graphics

Keep your audience engaged and informed on important focal points in your film and video content.

Visual Project Bundle

Visual Project Bundle

Be able to visually manifest what you mean and inform. Recommended for Documentaries and films.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

VFX Design

Making the Impossible seem Possible

Creating Visual Effects is a detailed process that involves the incorporation of CGI with footage from Principal Photography in order to augment new elements in a Film, TV production, or other media.

The creation of VFX starts with the Director's vision and Production Team, who decide the scale of the VFX based on the budget. With the VFX sequence drafted out into a storyboard, the footage is then shot in the Production Stage. Acquiring Data such as camera tracking and lighting information, is vital at this stage as they help inform VFX Artists on how to integrate the VFX into the shot.

Thinking of having VFX in your project?

In Post-Production the entire creation of the VFX is supervised, making sure the vision is realised. During that time, stages from Modelling to Animating, and Compositing to Rendering occur, making the effect look seamless and natural. They then go through Quality Control, and then are cut onto the timeline once approved.

You’ll get an end result that’ll enhance your storytelling as we make the impossible seem believable. We’ll be able to bring highly realistic and immersive environments, characters and effects to your shots and onto the screen, giving your audience a chance to escape into the fantastical world you created.

VFX Editing

Serving your Vision

VFX Editors work closely with the Production Team in order to integrate the VFX seamlessly into the final cut. This not only ensures they service the Director’s vision, but enhance the visual storytelling whilst maintaining the continuity and production value. The VFX Editor’s expertise in both editing and visual effects play a crucial role.

Before the production, VFX Editors help organise the shots that require VFX. VFX Editors also track every VFX shot task, and ensure VFX Artists have what they need. They then work with the Editing Team to ensure that they're all integrated onto the timeline.

Need your VFX edited?

Once on the timeline, VFX Editors review the footage, ensuring they meet the Director’s requirements. Throughout the process, VFX Editors will document all the progress from start to finish, as well as work with the Sound Design Team to ensure that the right sound is produced and synced to the effect.

Let’s collaborate together so that we can transfer your vision from your mind, onto the screen. We’ll plan what VFX you’d like to have, as well as outline its requirements in order to maximise their potential. After refining the VFX and cutting them onto the timeline, we’ll watch back a sequence that exudes in high value, and creates a impactful experience for a waiting audience.

Creating Graphics

Engage and Inform

Graphics are powerful visual tools that cater to both functional and artistic needs in a wide range of film formats and content. Their versatility and ability to engage and inform make them a necessity in not only modern communication, albeit Film and TV production.

In Film and TV production, graphics play a crucial role in enhancing storytelling, visual aesthetics, and technical aspects of the production process.

Need Graphics for your production?

You’ll get dynamic graphics for your production that’ll serve a dual purpose: they’ll help tell the story and create a visually engaging and immersive experience for the audience, while also addressing practical and technical needs related to post-production and visual effects.

These elements often work in harmony in order to to deliver a compelling final product.

Visual Project Bundle

Visual Project Bundle

When VFX and Graphics are utilised together, they can elevate the visual quality and storytelling capabilities of a production.

However, both require careful planning, coordination, and budget management to ensure that these elements are effectively integrated into the project without compromising its overall quality and continuity.

Making a TV Programme, Documentary or a production that requires both VFX and Graphics?

Let’s work together so that we can create a visually stunning and immersive experience for your audience.

The combination of VFX and Graphics will provide us with greater creative freedom, as we would not only have the ability to be both visually and informatively engaging at the same time, albeit make the production more appealing and memorable.

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Tracked onto Footage

Embark on a visual journey with this specialized VFX service that elevates your content to new heights. The process involves precision tracking onto footage, seamlessly integrating jaw-dropping visual effects that seamlessly blend with the real world. VFX can also be exported separately, providing flexibility in post-production and enabling dynamic editing possibilities. Each composition is carefully curated with audio and SFX, enhancing the overall sensory experience for your audience.

Implementing motion effects for graphics, this bring a dynamic and immersive dimension to your visual narrative. As a versatile partner, this VFX service seamlessly supports both Editing and Virtual Production services, ensuring a cohesive and integrated approach to your creative vision.

Embrace the future of visual storytelling in having your masterpiece being delivered in up to 4K Resolution, guaranteeing a stunning and crystal-clear visual spectacle for your audience.


What type of VFX can you produce?

The majority of my VFX work has been implementing pre-made licenced Overlays and Effects and studying tutorials, then with the techniques I've learned over the years I then produce the VFX in post-production. I have a licence in Mocha Pro, an advanced VFX software, which gives me the capability to do advanced tracking the VFX. Most recently I've used this software to track veins onto skin and tracking character movements when keying out green screen backgrounds.

I also have experience with layering effects on top of footage and other effects and layers, so that the VFX seems realistic and natural to the eye. This includes layering a blue potion from inside a potion bottle, then coming out of the bottle and being inhaled by a character through the nose.

The following is a list of Pre-Made and/or licenced VFX I have incorporated into my work, and could incorporate into yours; blue potion, flash run, invisible prison, bonfire, water explosion, sand explosion.

The following list is of all VFX I have experience in producing myself; veins, disintegration/integration, take off jump, flying underwater environment, tracking displays and graphics.

In conclusion, my main areas of VFX involved tracking and layering effects that are either pre-made and licenced or self-made. I am also open to exploring new VFX.

When should Graphics be shown in a production?

The timing to show graphics in a production depends on the context, narrative flow, and the specific purpose of the graphics. Here are some considerations for determining the right time to incorporate graphics in a production:

Introduction or Opening Sequence, Explanation or Educational Moments, Transition Elements, Enhancing Visual Appeal, Highlighting Key Points, Subtitles and Captions, Call to Action, Interactive Elements, End Sequence and Product Demonstration.

The key is to use graphics purposefully and thoughtfully, ensuring that they enhance rather than distract from the overall production. Consider the narrative flow, pacing, and the specific goals of each segment to determine when and how to incorporate graphics effectively.

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