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M.A.Skinner Building Contractor LTD is a Building Construction company based in West Mersea, Colchester, that offer a wide range of services and trade within the industry.

M.A.Skinner LTD needed a online base that showcases its wealth of experience and vast catalogue of small to large services and trades. Due to this very reason, the website has a independent page for each unique service and trade. Here the site goes to great detail, including service text, descriptions, galleries and reviews, when it comes to showcasing each service and trade.

With 59 pages in total, the site has used this to its advantage and has used its trigger words and phrases to a high amount for its SEO purposes. This has helped the site rank 1st in Google Searches for 'Building Contractors in West Mersea', and challenging the likes of bigger construction companies which have more resources and presence.

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