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Glam Beauty Treatments




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Glam Beauty Treatments is a Beauty Salon based in Marks Tey, Colchester, inside Wendy's Hair and Beauty. Established in March 2019, they specialise in a wide range of beauty and aesthetic treatments, including Million Dollar Facial Treatments, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Profhilo, Multi-Vitamins and more!

Glam needed a website that not only boosted their online presence, but presents to their audience and beyond that they can cover every treatment they can think of. The Website layout takes advantage of slideshows and columns in order to efficiently show all copy whilst using minimal space, this allows for a modern slick presentation whilst also giving the viewer a great user experience. With clear Call to Action buttons, not forgetting contact information clearly displayed in the header and footer, this allows for potential customers quick access to either book an appointment or contact Glam directly from the website.

With a consistent use of Glam's search trigger words and phrases, Glam's SEO has played a significant role in enabling Glam to being the No.1 Ranked Beauty Salon in Marks Tey on Google, topping a list of 9 Beauty Salons within the region.

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