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A New Age of Production

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Service Pricing

Enter a new age of production by standing out with your own Virtual Studio, that's great for all types of programming and content.

Virtual Editing

Virtual Editing

Recommended for productions already with a Virtual Studio, but only require footage being edited.

Studio Creation

Studio Creation

A cost-effective and dynamic alternative to hiring and designing a real life studio.

Virtual Programming

Virtual Programming

Step into the Virtual World and capitalise on unique advantages for all types of programming.

Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview

Base your interview in your Virtual Studio and capitalise on its advantages you won't get in a real-life studio.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

Virtual Editing

Virtual is the new Reality

Virtual Studio Editing is the process of creating and cutting content together once everything in the Principal Photography has been shot.

Virtual Studio Editing is commonly used in news broadcasting, programming, talk shows, virtual events, and various forms of digital content creation so that a polished and professional look is achieved.

Filmed a production in front of a Green Screen but need it composited into a Virtual Studio and edited?

Take full advantage of a variety of highly detailed and realistic virtual sets, which provide a wide range of options for different types of content. Virtual Camera movements will be used ensuring that the virtual background moves in sync with the camera's movements, creating a convincing illusion.

Amongst many more factors, Graphics and Effects will also be incorporated such as branding and to support what is being said, which will further increase your production’s visual quality and value.

Studio Creation

The Possibilities are Endless

Virtual Production is a rapidly advancing technology, that's become increasingly prevalent in both the film and television industries due to its capability to enhance creativity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the process. It offers all productions more control and flexibility, while also creating new opportunities for storytelling and visual effects.

Dependent on the setup with either a Green Screen or LED Wall, Virtual Productions use real-time game engines to render CGI elements, which allow filmmakers to see or even interact with virtual environments.

Want me to create your Virtual Studio?

Want me to create your Virtual Studio? Not only will it be a cost-effective solution compared to a real high-end studio, you’ll get a Virtual Studio that’ll maximise your production value whilst at the same time saving you money.

You can also have dynamic visual effects and graphics appear at the same time as your cast, that’ll help visually support what they’re saying making it an extremely effective tool to help convey to your audience.

Virtual Programming

The Future of Programming

Virtual Programming is constantly advancing, and has become frequently used in numerous types of media including News Broadcasting, Sports Programming, Entertainment as well as Educational Programming.

Just like with all Virtual Content, Virtual Programming allows productions to create visually engaging and dynamic content while providing new ways for viewers to interact with and experience programming.

Filmed a Programme for a Virtual Studio but need it edited?

Not only will you give your audience a new immersive experience when it comes to programming, you’ll also be able to enhance the overall value of your production by incorporating statistics for analysing events.

You can also be supplied with graphics, that can be used to help communicate to the audience what is being said, as well as visual effects and animations for helping to showcase important points in great detail.

Virtual Interview

An Uncharted Level of Communication

Virtual Studio Interviews are commonly used for a variety of purposes, including; News Reporting, Talk Shows, Podcasts, Webinars, Panel Discussions and more.

Virtual Interviews can also be filmed in front of a Green Screen or a LED Wall, however they’ve become particularly popular in recent years when conducted remotely.

This not only makes it easier to connect with experts, guests, and interviewees regardless of their location around the world, albeit enables cost-saving as it excludes the need for people to travel to location and set-up for the interview.

Filmed a Interview and want it composited into a Virtual Studio?

You’ll get a Virtual Interview that includes the integration of multimedia elements, such as presentations, imagery and videos, or on-screen graphics to enhance the interview's content and engagement.

You’ll get the same benefits for Remote Virtual Interviews however can have Virtual backgrounds in place of the actual background behind remote participants, so that it creates a more polished look that helps to increase the production value.

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Choose Virtual Studio Template

Step into the future of content creation with this Virtual Production service, where creativity meets cutting-edge technology. Choose from a diverse array of virtual studio templates that suit your vision, providing a customisable backdrop to your production. Principal Photography footage will then be composited into the studio, this allows for a seamless blend of real and virtual elements through advanced visual effects and graphics editing.

Immerse your audience with virtual camera movements that add a cinematic flair to your production, capturing dynamic perspectives and enhancing storytelling. Embrace efficiency without compromising quality, as this Virtual Production service serves as a cost-saving alternative to traditional methods.

Finally, witness your vision come to life in up to 4K Resolution, ensuring a visually spectacular and immersive experience for your audience. Elevate your storytelling with a Virtual Production, where innovation and imagination converge seamlessly.


What does the choosing the studio and design process entail?

The process begins by you choosing from a variety of Virtual Studio templates. Once one is chosen, we’ll then go through a list of design criteria for the studio. This will include, choosing your logo, primary, secondary and supporting colours, branding, seat/standing, as well as discussing content to be displayed on screens and what graphics and effects that’ll appear in the studio.

I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the entire production process.

How long does it take to complete the Virtual Studio Production?

This is heavily impacted by the amount of content shot in Principal Photography, and all the effects that make up the Virtual Studio. For example, a production that lasts around 30 minutes, which involves multiple camera angles of talent, creating and putting together content that’s displayed on virtual screens, as well as creating graphics, tracking virtual camera movements and effects, this could take several days to a week maximum so that a high quality and polished production is achieved. This is excluding the exporting time, which could take 24 hours itself, as it renders a large a file size [__GB].

But be assured, once you see the final result, it’ll all be worth it!

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