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Advantage, Coronavirus


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This is the first instalment of my Advantage, Coronavirus mini sports docu-series, where I explore how the Coronavirus Pandemic had heavily impacted the sporting world.

This docu-episode first delves into what the coronavirus is, where it came from, how it works and its symptoms so that the audience gets a base understanding of the virus that affected us all. We then explore how it turned F1 into One Fractured Formula, Forlorned the World of Football, how it forced Golf In the Bunker, and how it turned Tennis Tentative with a interview with one of the sports most respected figures, Novak Djokovic's Former Strategy Coach and Brain Game Tennis Founder Craig O'Shannessy.

In the interview, conducted via Zoom from the UK to Austin, Texas in the US, we hear how O'Shannessy boarded a plane to Indian Wells, the first Masters 1000 Event on the Tennis calendar, only to get off it and find out the event had been cancelled due to a COVID outbreak. We also hear how COVID had affected him personally and how tournaments should prepare and take learnings for when the tours resume.

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