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Grab their Attention

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Service Pricing

Engage your audience with slick short-form content, that's tailor-made and optimised for each social media platform.

Graphic Post

Graphic Post

Promote yourself or your work with a informative graphic post tailor-made for any social media platform.

Reel Video

Reel Video

Increase your engagement and visibility by showcasing who you are in a dynamic format.

Feed Video

Feed Video

Bring consistent engagement and enhance brand presence through visually compelling content.

SMC Project Bundle

SMC Project Bundle

Maximise your promotion with a variety of different promotional material tailor-made for social media.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

Graphic Post

Appeal to your Audience

Social Media posts play an important role in social media marketing, this lets businesses, organizations, and individuals be able to connect with their audiences, share information, and accomplish numerous objectives.

You'll be able to achieve aspects from raising brand awareness and engagement to increasing website traffic and purchases. The type of post used depends on the specific message and objective of the content being shared.

Want me to create a Graphic Post for your Social Media channels?

It's important to note that while social media graphics have many benefits, the quality of the content and its alignment with the brand's messaging and values are crucial for overall success.

You’ll get a effective piece of engaging content that’s rich with dynamic visual material that’s appealing and consistent, and incorporate branding which’ll reinforce your identity.

Reel Video

Show off who you are

Social Media Reel videos are versatile content that can serve various functions, which vary on the marketing campaign's specific objectives and target audience.

This type of content is a powerful tool for engaging, informing, and persuading social media users to take desired actions, whether making a purchase, signing up, sharing content, or simply engaging with your brand.

Want me to edit your Reel, and optimise it for all of your Social Media channels?

You’ll get an effective piece of engaging content that’ll make your potential customers understand what you are, what you’re about, and what you’re promoting.

With a clear objective set out, we’ll first understand what your potential customers may need, then we’ll make the Reel rich with dynamic visual material that’s appealing and consistent, and incorporate branding that reinforces your identity.

Feed Video

Inform your Audience

A Feed Video can bring an enhanced brand presence and consistency by regularly delivering detailed, visually appealing content that aligns with brand identity. This consistent posting ensures that the audience regularly engages with and remembers the brand. Feed videos can effectively communicate the brand’s core messages, values, and updates, reinforcing a cohesive brand image across social media platforms.

Unlike Reel Videos, Feed Videos offer the chance to tell an in-depth story with content that’s tactically placed and loaded with value, which allows them to connect with their audience even closer. Whilst this is an advantage, it's crucial to consider the preferences of your target audience and the platform where you share your content. Balancing the length of your videos with valuable content is key to maximising the benefits.

Have content you want edited this way?

A Feed Video is beneficial in specific situations and for particular purposes. Knowing when to use them depends on your goals, target audience, and the nature of the content you want to convey.

Edited in up to 4K Resolution, You’ll get an incredibly powerful tool that’s captivating from start to finish, has a clear narrative arc, and plenty of visual interest that’ll leave your viewers wanting to learn even more from you.

SMC Project Bundle

Maximise your reach and exposure

The best types of content to post on social media can vary depending on your specific goals, target audience, and the social media platforms you're using.

Combining graphic posts, reel videos, and feed videos leverages the strengths of multiple content types, capturing the attention of diverse audience segments. Graphic Posts provide quick, eye-catching information, Reels offer dynamic and engaging short-form content and Feed videos deliver in-depth and detailed messages. This multi-format approach ensures that different user preferences are catered to, increasing overall engagement and reach.

Want to maximise your reach with a variety of different types of Social Media Content?

Incorporating a variety of content types, including social media graphic posts, reels and feed videos, into your social media marketing strategy can offer numerous advantages and benefits.

The integration of these types of social media content provides a well-rounded social media strategy that engages your audience at different levels, communicates your brand effectively, and maximizes the benefits of each content type.

If you feel that you’d like to implement these types of content into your social media campaign, then a Bundle would be the right choice for you.

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Optimal Format for Platforms

Empower your Social Media presence with this comprehensive Content Service tailored for the digital age. Have you content edited to specific aspect ratios, ensuring your content is optimised for seamless display across diverse social media platforms. Whether crafting short, snappy content or engaging long-form narratives, content will be edited to specific times, capturing your audience's attention with precision.

This service employs persuasive and call-to-action techniques to drive meaningful interactions and audience engagement. Elevate the visual appeal with seamless transitions, incorporating engaging techniques like loops and fades for a dynamic viewing experience. Embrace the power of consistency with the ability to create compelling content series, fostering brand continuity and audience loyalty.

To ensure your content stands out, you can have it exported in up to 4K Resolution, guaranteeing a visually stunning presentation that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impact in the crowded social media landscape.


Why does my content have to be edited in different aspect ratios for social media?

Posting content on different social media platforms often requires adapting the content to various aspect ratios due to the unique design and layout preferences of each platform. Each social media platform has its own specifications for image and video dimensions, and adhering to these guidelines ensures that your content appears well-optimized and visually appealing on users' feeds.

Common aspect ratios for popular social media platforms include:
Instagram: 1:1 (Square), 4:5 (Portrait), 16:9 (Landscape)
Facebook: 16:9 (Landscape), 4:5 (Portrait)
Twitter: 16:9 (Landscape), 2:1 (Portrait)
LinkedIn: 1.91:1 (Landscape), 4:5 (Portrait)

By customizing your content to meet the specific requirements of each platform, you enhance its visual appeal, increase engagement, and align with the expectations of the platform's user base.

How will I know if I'm doing the right content?

Determining if you're making the right content involves a combination of understanding your audience, tracking performance metrics, staying true to your creative vision, and adapting to feedback.

To help you to determine if you’re making the right content or not, social media channels supply you with a variety of different tools and capabilities, including; analytics and metrics as well as feedback and comments. You yourself can do a host of things including; market research, find ways to delve creative and expand your passion, experimentation and adaptation, and studying successful creators’ in your field.

Remember that the right content is often a combination of what your audience enjoys, what aligns with your creative vision, and what meets your goals as a creator. Regularly assessing and adjusting your content strategy based on feedback and performance metrics is key to evolving and improving over time.

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