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TV Presenter, Actor, Musician, Model
“George is a director with a definite vision for
his work.
I love working with him because his ideas are ambitious and he is constantly communicating what he wants from his actors/presenters, and really includes you in the process from start
to finish.
I can’t wait to do more with him."
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Chairman of The Elena Baltacha Foundation,
Director of The Hub Sport,
Former WTA Olympic Tennis Coach
“The overall production value [of the Sports Skills 4 Business – Interview with Graham Dove] was to the highest of standards.
It was a fantastic experience. George Skinner and his team were outstanding. Great skills and service.”
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Dance Network Assocation
"George Skinner had undertook freelance filming & editing work for Dance Network Association in the summer.

George worked directly with myself and the team at the end of this 2-year project, filming specific school groups, and then editing a large amount of footage into 2 films, both over 8 minutes long, within a very short deadline.

The final films were very well received by all and proved a great success, reflecting the high standards required by DNA and our funders.

Thank you George, for all your hard work contributing to this great project. We really appreciate all your hard work for DNA, and wish you all the best for your future."
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Over the past decade, I have learned, developed and based my work using a array of different Video Editing as well as Visual and Sound software. My skillset has been shaped by a continuous process of exploration, experimentation, and adaptation with software, allowing me to approach all of my projects with versatility, as we bring your vision to life.
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 I have seamlessly integrated licensed multi-media elements for a wide range of Assets Libraries over the years, whether it's sourcing breathtaking footage, immersive soundscapes, dynamic VFX or Virtual Productions. These libraries have been invaluable tools for me as they enhance storytelling, captivating audiences, and helping in bringing your idea from your mind and onto the screen.
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