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Relive a Memory

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Service Pricing

Relive a memory or event in clearer detail with an enhanced resolution, in colour, sharpened visuals and refined audio.

Rescale Video

Rescale Video

Enlarge a small video, or descale a large one whilst restoring its resolution for better viewing.

Wear and Repair

Wear and Repair

Overcome your videos wear and tear by removing audio feedback, image grain and improve playback quality.

Colourise Video

Colourise Video

Go back in time with old videos in colour, or choose a vintage black and white look with a recent video.

Full Restoration

Full Restoration

Completely Restore a old or damaged video. Bring it to life in colour, or repair any wear and tear.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

Rescale Video

Get a Better Look

Rescaling a Video involves changing its dimensions, either making it larger – known as upscaling, or smaller – known as downscaling.

Downscaling typically retains video quality, whereas sometimes upscaling may result in a loss of detail and pixelation, especially if the original video resolution is low. However digital tools such as sharpening and noise reduction are used to counter this.

The benefits of upscaling should be considered against the potential degradation in quality. For best results, it's often more effective to rescale with a high-resolution video for such purposes, as low-resolution videos are not guaranteed to achieve its best result.

Want to rescale your video to fit a frame or to get a greater details?

Rescaling can help achieve any specific visual aesthetic you desire. For a more intimate look or for better performance on a website, we’ll descale your video.

For better clarity and to improve the resolution of old or low-quality videos, we’ll upscale your video, reduce any noise and sharpen your video for a more prominent result.

Wear and Repair

Preserve your Video's Lifespan

Repairing a video, which has poor resolution, noise and feedback, frame cuts and more, offers several benefits both on a personal and historical level, as well as for professional and archival purposes.

From preserving memories and enhancing aesthetics to contributing educational and research opportunities, repaired videos allows individuals to enjoy and share the visual history of their families and communities.

Repaired videos can evoke strong emotions and nostalgia, as they allow individuals to revisit and connect with cherished memories and moments from the past.

Have a video you’d like repaired?

We’ll begin by assessing the extent of the damage, then start by adjusting the speed of the video so that the playback is smooth on its new FPS. We'll then remove any audio feedback which impedes people from hearing the natural sound of the video.

Then we’ll repair larger impediments such as adjust the video resolution and remove the noise. This can take time, and not all noise removal can be guaranteed. Once completed though, you’ll be able to look back at the image in greater detail, as it remains a faithful representation of the moment it captured.

Colourise Video

Relive a Colourful Memory

Colorised Videos are visually appealing and vibrant. They enrich storytelling by providing a immersive representation of past events, people and cultures. This can help convey a more richer narrative.

Colour can create a deeper emotional connection, colorised family videos for example can evoke nostalgia and emotional connections, allowing individuals to better relate to and understand their family histories. That being said, turning videos into Black and White can add a timeless and classic quality. They can be just as relevant and impactful decades after they were taken.

Have a video you’d like colourised?

We’ll arrange and gather reference images and videos so that we know the correct colours, tones, aspects and placement of everything in the video. We’ll then begin colour application whilst using a variety of different tools so that we can accurately represent the colours of objects, people, and scenes in the photograph. After fine tuning the video, you’ll get a realistic result that breathes new life into the video.

Want to stylise a Video in Black & White? We’ll apply a specific filter and adjust the saturation, depending on how vivid the requirements are. We’ll then fine-tune the video, adjusting several elements to achieve the desired black and white effect, that’ll leave your video creating a more intimate and power connection with the viewer.

Full Restoration

Restored to its Former Glory, and more!

A Full Video Restoration is a comprehensive process that aims to repair and restore an old, damaged, or un-formatted video to its original or improved condition. A Full Restoration involves all of the stages mentioned above.

A Full Restoration is a meticulous and time-consuming process that requires a deep understanding of video editing techniques, attention to detail, and a commitment to preserving the historical or sentimental value of the photograph. Restoring old, damaged, or deteriorating videos helps preserve cherished memories for individuals and families. It allows future generations to enjoy and learn about their family history and the events captured in video.

Have an video that you’d like to be fully restored or enhanced?

Have an video that you’d like to be fully restored or enhanced? By combining all the stages of the other types of restoration, you’ll be left with a visually appealing final result, that possess many enhanced characteristics. This includes the reintroduction of vibrant colours, sharper details, a restored look that resembles its original, and a cleaner overall appearance.

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Rescale Video to any size

Rediscover the beauty of your cherished videos through this specialised Video Restoration service, where every frame is treated with meticulous care. This service offers the flexibility to rescale videos to any size, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and preferences. It goes beyond mere enhancement, working diligently to improve playback quality, resulting in a visually stunning and seamless viewing experience. Say goodbye to distractions as grain and noise are skilfully removed, revitalising the clarity of your footage.

Whether you envision a vibrant restoration to colour or a classic transformation to black and white, this service adapts to your creative desires. Taking into consideration the original state of the video, your restored masterpieces can be exported in up to 4K Resolution, preserving and enhancing the visual quality to breathe new life into your precious memories.

Have you memories restored and transformed into timeless treasures, where each frame tells a story with unmatched clarity and vibrancy.


Can all types of video conditions, be able to be restored and to a higher resolution?

Just like restoring a photo, videos also have potential obstacles that can affect the quality of a restored video when exporting and rescaling it to a higher resolution.

The obstacles that affect video resolution include: initial video quality, type and extent of damage, loss of detail, colour accuracy, as well as artifacts and anomalies.

To overcome these obstacles and achieve the best possible result, its important to be mindful of the limitations of the original video. Most videos can be restored to an extent, with a majority in colour or in high definition. However if videos are overwhelmingly damaged, it will prove a almost impossible task.

The only way that heavily damaged videos can be restored, is if aspects are replaced with artificial alternatives, which isn’t recommended. This is because this can have a negative impact on the memory as you’re almost creating an entirely new video made up of elements that wasn’t initially part of the memory or video.

How long will the restoration process take?

This all depends on the type of restoration, and the original state of the video. Altering a video to black and white, virtually seconds. If you’re after rescaling a video, a couple of minutes. To conduct damage repair, this depends on the length of video. This could take a couple of hours to a couple of days. Likewise with colourising the video. To make sure everything is the right colour as when it was captured, it could take hours or a couple of days. If supplied with research and reference material, this could reduce the restoration time.

Lastly for a full restoration, it may take a day or so. This all depends on the extent of the damage, quality of the video, and all detail and information in the video.

Before the restoration process actually begins, I'll study the video you've uploaded/sent to me and evaluate what needs to be done. Once I have everything I need, I'll then tell you how long it may take and when I've started the process, you'll be kept updated with the process.

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