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Service Pricing

Empower yourself and others by having a your story told through the art of an AI Comic. The perfect keepsake and memorable gift.

AI Comic Front Cover

AI Comic Front Cover

Unlock a realm of endless possibilities with your own AI Comic front cover.

AI Comic Strip

AI Comic Strip

Tell your story in a short-form of AI Comics

AI Comic Book

AI Comic Book

Make your Impossible, Possible, with your own comic book with AI Generated artwork.

AI Motion Comic Picture Film

AI Motion Comic Picture Film

Sit back and relax, and watch your own story playout through AI Artwork in a Motion Production.

For a tailored quote for your own project, feel free to reach out to me directly, or press Book Service today.

AI Comic Front Cover

See yourself on the Front Cover

Having a personalized AI Comic Front Cover of oneself is like stepping into the pages of a bespoke adventure. It means being immortalized as a dynamic character in a vibrant world, tailored specifically to reflect your likeness, interests, and personality.

Through the magic of artificial intelligence, your image is transformed into a captivating illustration, adorned with elements that resonate with your story. It's a one-of-a-kind experience where imagination meets reality, offering a glimpse into a thrilling universe where you are the hero of your own comic tale.

Want to see yourself or another on the Front Cover?

We'll start in Pre-Production, where concepts are put together. This stage is crucial for establishing the cover's theme, characters, and overall style. Once finalised, production commences, involving generating the artwork using. Layout and composition follow, determining the arrangement of visual elements for maximum impact and narrative coherence.

Typography and lettering are then applied to complement the artwork. Colouring and rendering breathe life into the cover, and applying shading and textures is done to evoke mood and atmosphere. Collaboration and feedback are integrated throughout the process, allowing for adjustments and refinements to meet client and publisher expectations.

AI Comic Strip

Read your story, See your story

Having a personalized AI Comic Strip is akin to stepping into a bespoke narrative crafted specifically for you. It means seeing yourself or elements of your identity mirrored in vibrant illustrations and dynamic characters. From the protagonist's traits to the storyline's twists and turns, every aspect is tailored to resonate with your personality, interests, and experiences.

Imagine embarking on adventures where the hero bears your likeness, encountering challenges and triumphs that reflect parts of your life. Whether it's a tale or an epic saga, the comic strip becomes a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to explore fantasies, relive memories, or even convey messages close to your heart.

Bring your story to life

Creating an AI Generated Comic Strip involves a structured workflow from Pre-Production to completion. In Pre-Production, we'll brainstorm ideas for the storyline and dialogue. Once completed, we'll then generate the Artwork that visually represents the narrative.

Once the script and artwork are finalised, we'll then begin to create the script by arranging panels, add text, and design the layout of the comic strip. We'll also manually customise aspects and enhance them, including colouring, shading, and adding special effects. Collaboration and feedback ensure refinement before the completed comic strip is exported for publication, ready to entertain audiences with its engaging narrative and visual appeal.

AI Comic Book

Make your own hero

Personalised Comics make for memorable and thoughtful gifts. They can be customised to include details about the recipient, family and friends, as well as significant life events, making the gift more special and meaningful.

Seeing oneself or another as a protagonist in a story can empower the reader. Seeing Personal or Fictional Stories about family and friends, through the art of AI Imagery, can bring a sense of joy and excitement. It's a unique and unexpected experience that can be emotionally uplifting.

Let your story be told

The process of crafting an AI Generated Comic Book begins with Pre-Production, where we'll define the comic's parameters and themes. This involves outlining the base storyline, characters, and visual style, providing guidance for AI algorithms. In the production phase, these algorithms generate the script, artwork, and visual elements based on the established parameters, forming the core content of the comic. Oversight is crucial during this phase to ensure coherence and quality, with reviewing and refining the generated material.

Post-Production involves arranging the generated panels into a cohesive layout, adding finishing touches like colours and effects. After thorough quality checks, the completed comic is ready for printing and distribution.

AI Motion Comic Picture Film

Lights, Camera, Comic, Pictures!

A personalised AI Motion Comic Picture Film can serve as a cherished keepsake, capturing memories, emotions, and moments in time that are uniquely yours. Its a story to be shared with friends, family and future generations.

In essence, having a personalized AI Motion Comic Picture Film is more than just watching a movie, it's an immersive journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and entertainment that celebrates the magic of storytelling.

See yourself in a Motion Picture

Crafting an AI Motion Picture Comic Film involves a structured process. In Pre-Production, we'll establish the parameters and themes, this includes outlining the storyline, characters, and visual style. During production, algorithms will generate the narration and the artwork, forming the foundation of the film. Oversight is crucial as it ensures coherence and quality as we review and refine the generated material.

Post-Production sees the integration of generated elements into a cohesive narrative, incorporating effects and sound design. After rigorous quality checks, the completed Motion Comic Picture Film is ready for distribution, seamlessly blending human creativity with algorithmic assistance to captivate audiences with dynamic storytelling and visuals.

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Hardcopy or Paperback

Where creativity meets sustainability. This service offers personalised AI Comic Books available in both paperback and hardcopy formats, catering to every preference. Committed to environmental responsibility, eco-friendly recycled paper is used for all products, ensuring a greener planet with every comic enjoyed.

Each comic strip comprises a maximum of 10 images, meticulously crafted to tell captivating stories that resonate with our customers. Whether it's the Front Cover or the Strip itself, these products can be printed and presented in up to A4 size, ensuring every detail is seen and felt.

But that's not all – this service can also help bring your story to life with a cutting-edge Motion Comic picture Film. Edited together with Audio, Graphics, and Dynamic Camera Movements, these films elevate storytelling to new heights, offering an immersive and cinematic experience.

Furthermore, quality is prioritised, offering Motion Comic Picture Films in up to 4K Resolution, guaranteeing stunning visuals and crisp clarity. With this AI Comics Service, you're not just reading a comic – you're experiencing a thrilling journey filled with adventure, emotion, and excitement, all in a format that's as sustainable as it is sensational.


How close to real-life likeness can the AI Artwork get to?

All AI Artwork produced for this service, generated using Microsoft Copilot, have always carried likeness to that of real-life counterparts and character specifications. AI Generation Tools can achieve impressive results in replicating real-life likeness, though it may not always be consistent.

AI Generation tools are capable of interpreting detailed specifications and generating visuals that closely resemble the provided references or descriptions. However, the level of realism and accuracy can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the subject matter, the quality of the input data, and the nuances of human perception.

While AI Generation tools can produce remarkably lifelike artwork, it may encounter challenges in capturing subtle details or nuances that contribute to real-life likeness. It is recommended that, just like for each production, story and film, that each character and setting is given a clear and detailed specifications.

With this in mind, AI Artwork can be remarkably close to replicating real-life likeness. The possibilities are limitless!

What is the correct way to use AI when creating characters?

It is of utmost importance to obtain proper permissions, respect privacy, and adhere to ethical and legal standards when creating AI imagery, especially when it involves the likeness of individuals, which is to be later sold for profit. This approach not only ensures compliance with the law but also contributes to a responsible and trustworthy use of AI technology.

Stories that showcase elements of licensed products, characters and likenesses of public figures will not be created and therefore sold. That being said, drawing inspiration from already published material, and making your own original version of it, is acceptable.

The successful integration of AI with personal narratives can create a powerful and emotionally resonant storytelling experience. AI imagery that recreates specific moments or settings from personal stories may evoke feelings of nostalgia. Readers may reminisce about their own experiences or relate to the depicted moments.

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