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Make the Most of Life




Long-Form Content

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Short Film



This is a Experimental short film I created that utilises both Light Painting and Projections that help tell the story of my life so far, and what could lay ahead for me.

I was inspired by the French Impressionism movement as I wanted to capture spontaneous scenes of my life, the Italian Neorealism movement for body-language and framing purposes, and the Soviet Montage movement due to the fact that the Experimental film was edited frame by frame with the Light Paintings.

The Experimental film showcases two parallel stories of a baby growing up into a toddler, into a young boy through to his teenager years, and then into adulthood and beyond. I wanted to have the light painting of a human growing up involved as since its a universal drawing that is shown growing from a baby to a elderly man in the space of minutes, and is seen walking in front of the projection of pictures of me growing up, this helps to make the audience emotional and vulnerable is they do indeed see my life flash before their eyes. Watching this play through, and reading the end quote, this should help them understand the films central message, 'Make the Most of Life'.

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