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Is Virtual the new Reality?


Editing, Graphics, Titles and End Credits


Documentary Editing, Creating VFX, Creating Graphics, Title Sequence

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Is Virtual the new Reality? is a Technological Mini-Documentary that explores the rise in use of Virtual Productions in the modern film industry. In the documentary, we explore the history of projection, from the use of front and rear projections used in films like James Bond and Superman, to Matte Painting in the original Star Wars trilogy, the use of Green and Blue screens, and lastly we conclude with the introduction of the Virtual Production technology by taking a look at how it helped change the industry by powering the film making in the most successful box office film, Avatar.

We also explore the impact Virtual Technology has had on budgets and box office, investigate whether its artificial results are taking away the magic from a practical 'man-made' industry, how it helped save the film industry in the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020-21, and whether due to its many advantages it has over other methods, will the tool become even more powerful than it already is.

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